About Us

I like to think of Social Venturers as “us” – a community of professionals who work with social entrepreneurs and take the time to share their insights on this platform. “Us” also includes the guest bloggers who contribute their expertise to the News, and a circle of close advisers (my incredible editor-at-large and brilliant photographer!) who help me do my best possible job while I am out there venturing!

Social Venturers

Social Venturers explores common and best practices in supporting social entrepreneurs around Europe and the world. As I talk to professionals who design and implement support programs for social entrepreneurs, I collect their knowledge and present these findings here.  During field visits to the social entrepreneurial hotspots around Europe I meet many different support organizations and learn about their approaches and methods through one-on-one interviews with their program staff. We have the amazing opportunity to talk about social entrepreneurship in their country, the trends they have witnessed and their ideas for moving the industry forward. Social Venturers puts readers in the room with leaders and trendsetters to hear what approaches to social enterprise support are currently out there, what works and what doesn’t, and what new trends emerge on the horizon in different countries.


I report about each field visit to one of these support organizations. I try to give a sense of the environment and introduce features of one of their programs. Some support organizations offer more than one; for the most part I focus on one selected program to get some deeper insight into the workings of a particular approach. In the spirit of comparative best practice, I will look at the differences among programs and organizations. What do they nail better than anyone else and what challenges remain?

Social Venturers

Organizations and national contexts are important, I believe that ultimately it all comes down to the people! Spotlights introduce the Social Venturers I meet on my visits. Here they talk about their backgrounds, their motivation, and views of the support sector as such. There are many paths these Social Venturers take, but many of the struggles will sound familiar to you dear readers. I look closely at these paths as well as the headwinds, tailwinds, and guidestars they have encountered along the way.


Since day one of my field visits I have come across a number of support topics that are worth highlighting. These field observations cover anything from country-specific insights to cross-cutting issues of importance to supporters for social entrepreneurs. At the same time I invite guest writers who I meet on my visits to contribute their expertise in the News section.