Spotlight: Bastian Mueller

Bastian Mueller profile

What drives you?

Being able to enjoy the work I do is the most important thing for me. I am lucky to work with great people in the sector who inspire me and from whom I can learn. I love the change in perspective when addressing social issues from an entrepreneurial angle.

Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years?

There has been a strong trend that social business is the next big thing and it’s so much better than charity. This brought a lot of high expectations about it being a world-saver. Let’s be honest, social business can only do so much, not everything has a business model (e.g. education, refugee work). I also think that the support industry works too much in a silo: You see the same people at the same conferences. I think we need to start looking for connections outside the industry, such as in the corporate sector, charities, and so on.

Currently reading

The Power of Social Business, by Prof. Muhammad Yunus


“I have always been interested in management with a social purpose. I spent some time working in international development and classical industry before becoming a part-time entrepreneur. I set up a pro-bono matching platform for experts and non-profits called re:frame. After almost two years, re:frame merged with BMW Foundation and continued operation under Proboneo. While I managed this transition I realized that it was time for me to do something else, and I joined Yunus Social Business.”

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