Spotlight: Birgit Schunke


What drives you?

Our economy can, and should be, human. I want to contribute to that through connecting worlds, through teaching and empowering people and teams, by inspiring them to be open to other ways of operating.

After the war, our motto was “Economy Above All!”; to get Germany back on her feet, people had to function and other areas were subordinated, but I think we’ve been overdoing it for a while now. It is time to find a new balance among economy, social sector and the environment, overall and within companies and within individuals and to learn from each other to make our one world a bit better.

Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years?

Whether business or social sector: more and more people feel the need to change something, to live and work socially, sustainably and meaning-oriented. I believe the “worlds” are coming closer together and it is more about being human and integrating the different parts of our lives.

There might be more collaboration and synergies between big companies and social entrepreneurs, for example, it is not green washing but real “making the world a better place”- together.

Currently reading

  • A whole new mind, by Dan Pink (TED talk here)
  • Start With Why, by Simon Sinek,
  • Reinventing Organizations, by Frederik Laloux


Birgit is a consultant for organization and project management, lecturer and facilitator. Since 2008 she has supported social entrepreneurs and non-profits at Heldenrat e.V.

After her international business studies she worked in Marketing and Sales and before switching to the social education sector as branch manager. Since her certification in project management she has been self-employed. Birgit supports social projects from start to evaluation and business projects especially in social aspects. She advises social entrepreneurs, coordinated the start of the Social Impact Lab in Hamburg, gives lectures and seminars at different Northern German colleges and is co-founder of the Heldenrat GmbH.  In all her activities she seeks the balance of economical and social aspects and to bring people and worlds in exchange.


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