A new chapter

After eight guilty months, this Thanksgiving I finally made the time to start publishing content  I had collected and written up in March of this year during my trip to Australia. I used the early morning hours to nurse a cup of coffee (or three) and start editing posts that had sat silently in their… Keep Reading

Field Study: Australia

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Australia. Based in Melbourne during fall, I was able to work remotely, relive many Australian experiences from an earlier life (Tim Tams, the best skinny flat white I will ever have, smashed avocado for every breakfast, wild koalas, and many many more). The… Keep Reading

Guest blog: Amanda Jacobson

Building social enterprise support in Latin America Talking to Village Capital in D.C. I was thrilled to have a chance to speak with Amanda Jacobson who runs their Latin America operations. While the initial field visit at Village Capital gives a general overview (here), enjoy this gem fresh from the field: “The Village Capital approach is… Keep Reading

Field Study: United States

In late July 2015, after seven months of research and discovery of the European social enterprise landscape, and its supporters, I was headed for the US. Located in Virginia, I built up a solid home base to work as a freelancer (I recently launched my professional website anikahorn.com!) and take research trips to social enterprise… Keep Reading

Log Book I: Europe

Full disclosure. It was hard writing this post. Having travelled across Europe for six months on a quest to find best practices, current trends and common challenges in social enterprise support has been one of the most rewarding, humbling, exciting, exhausting and growth experiences of my career. But sitting down and trying to capture it… Keep Reading

Cartography: London

May 1, 2015 Cartography [n.]: Mapping, review London was an incredible experience. I met with eight Social Venturers in only three days and spent another two days running across town and filming expert interviews for one of my clients. And I actually need to consult my notebook schedule to recall all the people, organizations, locations and contexts of these… Keep Reading

Field Study: UK

Field Study [n.]: Preliminary research Since my initial field visits to the UK I have been able to update this post with the most recent study of social enterprise in the UK,  published on 15 September, 2015 by Social Enterprise UK. Supported by Santander, Social Enterprise UK surveyed 1,159 social enterprises via phone and online surveys…. Keep Reading

Log 04: Germany in review

April 23, 2015 Log [n.]: Personal reflection It would feel so good to say that my trip through Germany opened my eyes to an entirely new view of the support sector, and in Cartography: Germany II you can read to what extent that is true, but apart from that there were little surprising news, which… Keep Reading

Cartography: Germany I

Cartography [n.]: Mapping, review My trip through Germany in April 2015 gave me the unique opportunity to speak to eight support organizations in all four corners of the country: North, South, East and West. Six of them focus their activities on Germany and selected cities within (Social Impact Labs, Heldenrat, Impact Hub Berlin), two work with social… Keep Reading

Cartography: Germany II

Cartography[n.]: Mapping, review If you have read Field Study: Germany, you know that I did some research on social entrepreneurship in Germany before diving in. One of the studies emphasized that strong welfare organizations make it difficult for German social entrepreneurs to establish and position themselves. Talking to Tom Leppert at Heldenrat, I had the chance… Keep Reading