Spotlight: Tom Allen

What drives you? I am passionate about social entrepreneurship and empowering people, organisations and enterprise to create positive impact. There are an abundance of wicked problems we are facing now and into the future. Social entrepreneurship allows us to turn these problems into opportunities. That’s what I find exciting. How do you define social entrepreneurship?… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Peter Ball

What drives you? Change. There is so much we can do which isn’t difficult, it doesn’t have to be super bold or super innovative. We can create change by looking at how we do things. How do you define social entrepreneurship? Trading to solve an issue. Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Mark Hemetsberger

What drives you? Feeling like you are achieving something that is bigger than you. How do you define social entrepreneurship? Social entrepreneurs are people that are socially minded, want to make difference and start a business to achieve that impact. Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years? Recognition. Awareness and visibility… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Isaac Jeffries

What drives you? My belief that you can solve tough social problems by running a business. How do you define social entrepreneurship? Running a business that can make a positive difference to a social issue. You don’t simply give away profits, your business needs to do good to do well. If in the process of… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Kaitlin Tait

What drives you? Seeing this latent potential in people and help them develop their own belief that they can make a difference, help them understand they can have a huge impact. How do you define social entrepreneurship? We try not to. There is a lot of talk about it, we just say we are entrepreneurs… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Kristen Engberg

What drives you? The reward of seeing people truly fulfilled by their sense of purpose. How do you define social entrepreneurship? I don’t. We mainly work with social innovators and to me, that is someone who has thoroughly  assessed a problem, and understand what systems and solutions are currently in place. He or she has… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Camila Pazos

What drives you? I believe that in an inequitable world, the power of a community can be transformational. I view my role as a vehicle for access for those who are so often underrepresented from this space. How do you define social entrepreneurship? I like to think of social entrepreneurs as community mobilizers. They are… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Rob Lalka

What drives you? “My faith, which teaches me to work on behalf of the common good.” How do you define social entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is problem solving; social entrepreneurship is solving problems that matter most to society. Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years? “The recognition by mainstream investors (Morgan Stanley Investing… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Emily Winograd

What drives you? “I have advocated for causes like educational equity, environmental sustainability, and food justice through a number of channels over the years.  Through this work, I have encountered many visionary leaders with great strategies for social change.  One of the challenges I’ve seen is with leaders and organizations that lack the flexibility, cultural… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Evan Burfield

What drives you? “I grew up watching Star Wars and my mother used to sit down and talk to me about the lessons of Luke Skywalker, and the fact that people who have great gifts have the responsibility to contribute to greater good. If I think of myself as a gifted person, I have to… Keep Reading