Spotlight: Richard Brownsdon


What drives you?

Life. I am passionate about having an impact, teaching and sharing, exploring the world, living a healthy life.

Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years?

The sector has grown a lot over the last year, in terms of both social entrepreneurs and support organizations. Also, I think the work-life-culture in the sector has shifted. The younger generations are increasingly working in dynamic ways, they want a job with purpose and if they can’t find that, they will start their own business.

Currently reading

  • Influence, by Cialdini
  • Value Proposition Design, by Osterwalder et al.
  • Civilization and its Discontents, by Freud


Richard has worked in the social startup support sector for about five years, including with organizations like ClearlySo, Unltd, and Ashoka.

“Much of my work has focused on helping social entrepreneurs raise money. About three years ago, I went freelance and started testing out my own entrepreneurial ideas, while supporting other social startups too. My main client has certainly been Impact Hub Westminster, where I have been a long term contractor, helping them to develop and deliver social startup support for their ecosystem.”

Richard runs his own company Inspiring Adventures, and launched several projects through it, including social enterprise learning tours for which he won an award:“I love testing ideas of my own, whilst also working to help others with their businesses. I think it helps me understand the needs of the entrepreneur, from the inside out.”

When he’s not working at Impact Hub Westminster, he loves to explore social enterprises and responsible travel opportunities around the world.  This has included 3 months on a not-for-profit cruise ship called Peace Boat circumnavigating the world, to writing an ebook about his responsible travel in Brazil (to be published in November 2015).

Learn more about him here.  



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