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Logbook April

April in review If you read my April logbook, you know that my mind has been trying to work out how I can be of better service to all of you – for a reason: I experienced my Dark Night of the Soul in January and since then, I’ve been working behind the scenes to …

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logbook March 2021

At the beginning of this year, I embarked on a journey to better understand what is keeping impact makers up at night: What is standing in their way of creating deep and meaningful impact in their community? What obstacles make their day-to-day harder than necessary? And how do they go about their work without sacrificing …

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logbook February 2021

Friends, it feels I never stop turning the page here at Social Venturers. As with every good change, it feels monumental on the inside and looks insignificant on the outside. Over the 18 months that Social Venturers has been online, I have published 120 interviews and articles. But I want to do more than tell …

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