Spotlight: Kaat Peeters

What drives you? To strengthen the energy of changemakers. There is so much happening bottom-up. It’s a great privilege to get in touch with all those ‘innovators’ and to find ways to leverage them. Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years? The upcoming awareness that co-creation is key in improving society. Currently… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Tomas de Groote

What drives you? Managing social profits by impact-driven assessment is my passion. I have seen a lot of wrong ways of focusing on what you’re essentially doing: some organizations – their leaders more precisely – miss the central point of linking their mission to daily business. It’s devastating to see the lack of innovation in… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Caroline Godts

What drives you? In any job I want to feel that what I’m doing is meaningful, and I am often triggered by everything that is injustice and the things that go wrong in the world. My first presentation in elementary school was about the Red Cross – that tells you something. I was raised in… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Jiska Klein

What drives you? The opportunity to learn new things and to have a positive impact on the world. Thereby I strive to make social entrepreneurship the norm of doing business. Biggest SocEnt trend have you seen over the last 5 years? With my background in international and environmental economics, I am really enthusiastic about the… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Stefan Panhuijsen

What drives you? Contributing to a better world where people take responsibility for their environment. Biggest #SocEnt trend in the last 5 years? The combination of different societal goals. Taxi Electric contributes to less air pollution AND the employment of elderly, Fairphone contributes to fair mining in Congo AND better working conditions in China. Background “I have… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Isabelle Coppens

What drives you? To make a difference for people who want to start their own projects. Biggest SocEnt trend have you seen over the last 5 years? Sharing Economy. What are you currently reading? Hoe ik verander by Shirine Moerkerken Background Isabelle holds a masters in entrepreneurship and new business venturing. During her semester in… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Wieke van der Zouwen

What drives you? I’ve been privileged to be born in this country and we are not looking at a long-term sustainable world in which everyone strives. On the contrary, we are living at the expense of others and nature. I have the great opportunity to enable others to do good, and that’s what I feel… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Jacquelien Bunt

What drives you? My career has always been about doing things I like and challenging myself into new areas… And by doing that, I can help people make a better life for themselves, which makes it even better. Biggest #SocEnt trend in the last 5 years? Social Enterprise has definitely become “hot” in the last… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Wouter Kersten

What drives you? Combining positive impact with entrepreneurial activity. I like to boost that process (whenever necessary) by making new connections and restructuring information, for example by asking different questions, testing them and conveying these attitudes to others. “Only if you ask different questions will you get different answers. Biggest SocEnt trend have you seen… Keep Reading

Spotlight: Nora van der Linden

What drives you? My current question is “How can we make sure education creates equal opportunities and outcomes for all children instead of reproducing inequality? And how can we develop new inclusive approaches (like the social labs) to work in and around the education system?” Biggest #SocEnt trend in the last 5 years? Social entrepreneurship and… Keep Reading