Spotlight: Nora van der Linden

Nora VDL

What drives you?

My current question is “How can we make sure education creates equal opportunities and outcomes for all children instead of reproducing inequality? And how can we develop new inclusive approaches (like the social labs) to work in and around the education system?”

Biggest #SocEnt trend in the last 5 years?

Social entrepreneurship and being engaged with society, nature and the world around you more generally is becoming the norm. If your product or service is not sustainable or not contributing to a better world, you have to explain yourself. And this is not a bubble of only the elite, it’s a slow transformation into a more reflective society where people are aware of the consequences of their actions.

What are you reading right now?

  • Paul Jungbluth, on inequality in education
  • Het F-boek, on feminism today
  • The Bible for non-believers (Bijbel voor ongelovigen), Guus Kuijer
  • Ik kom terug, Adriaan van Dis
  • Different articles for some research on accelerators and incubators


Nora studied sociology and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and in fact had her first job at university. “At that point I was asking myself: ‘How can you not only think about change on a theoretical, academic level, but actually make it happen? At Kennisland, I had the opportunity to put many of my previous ideas into practice and learn how to make them work.” About her work in education and social innovation she says: ”This whole innovation language is the language of those who are already in the space rather than for people who are new to it. We need to be open and inviting, and among many other things, we need to break that language barrier.” Nora is involved with organizing the European Competition for Social Innovation and you can stay up-to-date with her work on the Kennisland website.


photocredit: Giorgos GripeosCC BY 4.0

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