Spotlight: Ryan Ross

Ryan long

What drives you?

“When I go to bed each night, I want to know the world is a better place because I got up that morning.”

How do you define social entrepreneurship?

“A sustainable venture that is prioritizing intentional social impact, and is measuring and transparently reporting outcomes toward this goal.”

Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years?

The actual growth in capital coming into the space: Obviously, a lot more needs to happen in that space. I feel as though even our government takes it seriously, they provide more funding for innovation than ever before. At the same time, foundations are more willing to do program-related investments and more and more people are concerned about doing work with purpose.”


“I hold a Master in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government and I am currently the Program Manager for the Halcyon Incubator. Over the past year and a half, I’ve helped 32 social enterprises develop in our program, creating over 110 jobs and impacting over 70,000 people. I was a State Champion in… Debate back in Florida in High School. Which made me one of the coolest kids at school.”



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