Your 3-month journey to deeper impact and personal mastery

There is no blueprint for a purpose-driven life.

Create your own.

Are you an overworked impact maker who always puts her-/himself last? Are you tired of always putting out fires, trying to create value from scarce resources and ensuring everyone gets along in the name of progress?

I believe that the only way to create lasting social and/or environmental change is to ensure that we can sustain high levels of excellent work without burning out. Only if we are motivated, inspired, committed and supported can we do our best work, day-in and day-out, for decades to come!

Does this sound like you?

You are passionate about making a difference in your community, and maybe even the world, but you struggle with the integral challenges of our work:

  • A constant need to put out fires and the stress of always feeling behind on our to-do list
  • A lack of control over our own agenda and, consequently, ability to move strategic initiatives along.
  • Taking on tasks outside our scope in the name of serving our constituents.
  • Our efforts are not reflected in our paychecks.
  • We are overworked, there are not enough hours in the day.
  • We lack the clarity of purpose and focus to prioritize the urgent and important. 
  • We fail at setting boundaries and sticking to them.
  • We have few resources and even less capacity to become better at our work through training and professional development opportunities.
  • We don’t always feel confident or valued for the work we create. 

Imagine you...

  • Were crystal clear about your purpose and values, and knew how to lead with them
  • Defined success on your own terms, and designed a sustainable lifestyle that aligns with your definition
  • Had systems in place that allow you to do excellent work AND enjoy the meaningful things in life
  • Earned what you’re worth 
  • Created a schedule for sustained productivity and professional growth
  • Had rich and deep trusting relationships within your community
  • Could make a difference in the world, get paid to do it, and live a fulfilling life
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The Program

Over the course of three months, we will create your personal roadmap to professional excellence and personal mastery so that you can create the impact you were mean to make without burning out in the process. 

The program runs from February through March 2022 in a group limited to 12 participants. 

I. Your self

(February 2022)

  • Rooted in Purpose
  • Success on your terms
  • Systems that work

II. Your work

(March 2022)

  • Your money picture
  • Sustained productivity
  • Professional growth toolbox

III. Your ecosystem

(April 2022)

  • The mindset of an ecosystem builder
  • Ecosystem building 101
  • Stay the course

Want to bring this program in-house?

Organizational rates start at $20,000 for teams up to 10 people.



What are the roots of your purpose? Together we'll uncover your vision for the world you want to live in, your mission and values (and how to lead with them!). 

Ecosystem Building 101

Gain a deeper understanding of your role as an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder & learn the foundations of this emerging practice

Sustainable systems

Put systems in place that play to your strengths and allow you to manage work and play according to your needs

Growth roadmap

We'll assess your toolbox of skills and expertise to create your customized curriculum to personal & professional growth

Earn what you're worth

Take charge of your financials and build your own roadmap to financial freedom

Sustained productivity

Learn tactics of deep and focused work for high-value outcomes

Your terms

Define what success and impact mean for you and what your terms are


Learn how to stay the course

Program Delivery

Personal Compass Session

prior to the program start to assess your current position and outline a customized roadmap for your program participation

value $595

Optional peer-to-per calls

You'll have the opportunity to review and discuss with your peers at the end of each month in facilitated peer-to-peer calls

value $900

weekly masterclasses

2-hour deep-dives into the 9 elements of the framework covering your self, your work and your ecosystem

$2,600 value

1-1 individual check-ins

You'll have up to three 1-1 conversations with Anika to guide your execution and local implementation

$900 value


  • VIP discounts to other Social Venturers events & programs

  • A dedicated group of values-aligned peers from around the world

  • Social Venturers’ workbook and tools

  • Additional resources for each masterclass for optional self-study

  • Access to Anika via email in between sessions for questions and ongoing support


Early Bird: US $2,100

regular price

US$ 2,495

Want to bring this program in-house?

Organizational rates start at $20,000 for teams up to 10 people.

Who benefits from this program?

Impact blueprint is geared toward impact makers who are tired of changing the world for everyone else while draining themselves:

  • (Social) entrepreneurs, 
  • Advisors, mentors & service providers
  • Funders and (impact) investors; 
  • Managers and employees at entrepreneurial support organizations,
  • Non-profit and foundation leaders and staff
  • Policy makers
  • Economic development officers
  • Community and ecosystem builders
  • Researchers and professors
  • Storytellers. 

Participants see these outcomes

  • They are clear on what they’re in this world to do, and how they want to go about it.
  • They are more comfortable asking for/charging what they’re worth. They make enough income to invest in themselves (personally and professionally) and give back to their communities.
  • They dedicate more time to the things in life that give them joy and refill their cup.
  • You have a firm grasp on the important aspects of their lives and set boundaries accordingly.
  • They spend their time actually making a difference instead of constantly chasing funding, clients, or both.
  • You create more space to think big and strategically with a sounding board outside of their own organization.
  • They have more energy to tackle complex challenges while creating space for their professional development and personal growth
  • They make more time for their loved ones and personal pursuits.



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