logbook February 2020

This logbook is pretty special because it is number 12! Do you know what that means?

Social Venturers turns 1 this week! Version 1 of Social Venturers looked like this and I think we can agree that we have come a long way since then!

I posted the first logbook on Medium on March 7, 2019, because back then I didn’t even have a website.

In the past twelve months, I wrote one of these logbooks every month for two reasons:

  1. To hold myself accountable, and
  2. To share transparently what is happening behind the scenes in the hope to inspire others to give their greatest passion a shot!

Highlights from year 1

  • Since that first logbook, I have interviewed close to 40 Social Venturers from around the world. 
  • I have published nine Insights pieces from the front lines of ecosystem building for social change.
  • I welcomed Isaac Jeffries as our first guest contributor (Goals, Metrics and the Monkey’s Paw) and secured our first partnership. 
  • I launched an Instagram campaign to accompany each feature and all the good thoughtful content we produce and come across each day! Since our first post in July 2019, we have 365 Instagram follows to-date – one for each day since that first logbook! 

I gave an overview of key insights from the first phase of interviews in the 2019 December logbook, give it a read!

Year 2: Piloting potential solutions to move the field forward

This second phase of Social Venturers focuses on testing different engagement formats to see what brings most value to those of you who want to excel in their purpose-driven careers without burning themselves out. (Yes, I’m watching you friends and it breaks my heart to see you headed for that proverbial abyss of burnout at full speed!) 

Mid-week pick-me-up

You can join us anytime to get a piece of wisdom to your phone each Wednesday. We have a snazzy WhatsApp group in which I share a little piece of information to brighten your commute and send you a reminder that your work matters.

Masters of Impact – Solopreneur edition

We are launching our very first mastermind TODAY! For four months, I will be working with four social impact professionals who are running their own business to support social entrepreneurs! For four months we will support each other in tackling the toughest challenges in our solopreneur careers and hold each other accountable. Intrigued? Get on the waitlist here!

Fireside Chats

To date, I have convened four different in-depth conversations around specific social impact topics such as acceleration for remote social entrepreneurs, storytelling for social impact and community building through online storytelling. Wonder why you haven’t heard much about this? Because I am trying to do too much! Despair not, we’re working full-steam to create more resources and guides to navigate the world of ecosystem building for social change! In the meantime, if you have a topic that you want to discuss with experts from the field, we would love to help! You bring the hard questions, we bring the experts, logistics and experts to crack this nut with you! Sign up!

What’s next

  • I’m headed to Germany for most of March and am excited to spend three days in Berlin to interview some new Social Venturers and catch up with some of you in person!
  • The interviews I have scheduled this week will bring a nice mix in terms of expertise (impact investing, acceleration, B Corps).
  • Our mastermind launched today and I will spend the next four months working deeply with four solopreneurs who you’ve met on the site! Eeeek!

How you can get involved

  1. If you have any last-minute referrals to Social Venturers in Berlin, or you’re in Berlin yourself on March 18, 19 & 20 – please drop me a line!
  2. If you are already blogging or are looking for an outlet to share your insights and observations around supporting purpose-driven entrepreneurs anywhere in the world, I would love to talk to you about becoming a guest editor! 
  3. Are you struggling with a specific topic around supporting social entrepreneurs in your community? GREAT! Let us help
  4. If you know of someone who should know about us, please send them my way! We are growing slowly on purpose but are always excited to meet new people who share our passion and values!
  5. Obviously, we’d love to join you day-to-day. Join us on social media and get a weekly nugget of wisdom straight to your pocket

As always, thank you for everything you do! Stay in touch and keep up the good work!