logbook March 2021

At the beginning of this year, I embarked on a journey to better understand what is keeping impact makers up at night: What is standing in their way of creating deep and meaningful impact in their community? What obstacles make their day-to-day harder than necessary? And how do they go about their work without sacrificing …

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#7 Start. Be patient.

This article belongs to the 7-part series Ecosystem Building 101. The entire series is developed in Fireside Chats with entrepreneurial ecosystem builders around the world. The resource guide is no longer available. Sign up for Impact Curator to never miss another resource. In an infinite game, (it) is the game that lives on and it is the players whose time …

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Clarity & Focus

When I graduated from my East German high school, it seemed everyone knew their destiny – bank apprenticeship, tourism degree, communications. After over a decade of schooling, I had no idea why I was in this world and what I would do with my one wild and precious life. After traveling and volunteering far away …

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