Titania Veda

“One of my favorite client projects was a year-long contract with the city of Austin, Texas. Bloomberg philanthropies funded us to design a project that would create better services for people experiencing homelessness. As service and content designer for this project, one of my directives was to actually create the lived experience of a year-long …

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Servane Mouazan

“Orixas are the spirits that you are born with. During my time in Brazil as a capoeira player, the mother of one of my friends there explained to me that your orixa is the spirit you’re born with and that protects you. My spirit, she explained, was Yemanjá Oguntê, a feminine patron spirit,  protector of …

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Carlie Dole

“What I found really difficult about a traditional mother’s group was that it was this hardcore focus on baby development. It became a bit of a competition, we forgot ourselves and focused solely on our babies. I knew there had to be another way! I wondered whether we could get together and connect on a …

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