Nilima Achwal

Nilima Achwal is the founder of The Female Founders Lab, a global, virtual ecosystem of female impact entrepreneurs creating ventures that will radically transform our world to be more regenerative, sustainable, holistic, democratic, and just. Nilima is a globally recognized entrepreneur, speaker, venture coach, and writer working to transform systems and industries through social entrepreneurship. …

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Ana Amrein Esnaola

Ana has dedicated her life to social innovation and social entrepreneurship. She studied International Relations in Switzerland, where she began her career at the Impact Hub Zurich. She has lived and worked in Vietnam, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain and Germany. She worked in a social consulting firm managing projects on financial inclusion, gender equality or …

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Evgeni Kouris

“In a Mittelstand enterprise Up to two natural persons or their family members (directly or indirectly) hold at least 50% of the company shares and These natural persons also belong to the management of the enterprise. According to the definition of the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM) Bonn, the terms Mittelstand, family enterprise and owner-managed enterprise …

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