Esmeralda Herrera

Born and raised in the Bronx, Esmeralda Herrera is an ecosystem builder who works at the intersection of business and social impact to support local entrepreneurs. As Director of Programs and Community Relations at Communitas America, Esmeralda manages an accelerator in the Bronx that works directly with founders – primarily women and entrepreneurs of color …

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Isabelle Swiderski

Isabelle Swiderski started her agency in 2007 and since then has worked with social entrepreneurs around the world to bring their ideas to live and scale their impact. “Initially, my team and I were working with not for-profits exclusively on branding, storytelling, annual reports, websites – the usual communications. Then I became really interested in …

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Fay Horwitt

Fay and I have moved in the same circles of Startup Champions Network and the ESHIP community for a little over a year now but it wasn’t until I moved to the Research Triangle area in November that we had the opportunity to sit down and have an actual conversation about the work and interests …

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