Malii Watts Witten

A Zebra is… … a cool, real-world creature that needs protecting in the wild of our world. A people-based future  I am Bahá’i by faith. As a Bahá’i, I believe in collectivistic society. Bahá’i principles focus on community building, alleviating the extremes of wealth and poverty, and upholding the inherent equality of men and women, …

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Mike O’Donnell

A Zebra is… … a business that invests in itself, the community and employees!!!! About 20% of small businesses with employees in the United States will survive at least 20 years in business. These are likely Zebras. They weren’t created with a short term exit strategy in mind. They were created to make a difference …

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CRUX – Lauren Ruffin

A Zebra is … someone who is constantly questioning the status quo. As Zebras, we recognize that we are operating within systems that just don’t work for us. And there comes a moment for each of us where we recognize that somebody needs to fix this and then you realize… “someone” is you! An economy …

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