CRUX – Lauren Ruffin

A Zebra is … someone who is constantly questioning the status quo. As Zebras, we recognize that we are operating within systems that just don’t work for us. And there comes a moment for each of us where we recognize that somebody needs to fix this and then you realize… “someone” is you! An economy …

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For 2021, I teamed up with Zebras Unite, a global movement of entrepreneurs, investors, activists and entrepreneurship supporters of all types, sizes and – you guessed it! – stripes who believe in the power of business as a force to make the world a better place. In collaboration with the Dazzle, I will take you …

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Chris Cain

I originally met Chris Cain through our work at Startup Champions Network. At the time, Chris ran the Staunton Creative Community Fund before switching over to take the charge at the newly created Staunton Innovation Hub in Virginia. In May 2019, Chris took the role of Chief Experience Officer at Alternatives Federal Credit Union in …

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