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Kate ‘Sassy’ Sassoon

A Zebra is… …someone who attempts to do meaningful work to build a better world both within and against the business-as-usual economic structure. There’s the myth of the “unicorn” in the VC world – the company that can return 10x to its investors, and which is the only value proposition worth chasing. As Zebras, we …

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Jenny Atout Ahlzen

A Zebra is… …real! As opposed to the nearly impossible to reach concept of a unicorn, zebras actually do exist and they’re everywhere. They have different stripes but they’re never identical but, as unique as the fingerprints. We, Zebras, are herd animals. We don’t have a winner-takes-it-all mentality. On the contrary, we are a family, …

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Daisy Ford-Downes

A Zebra is … someone who does the work. Whether they’re founders or funders or advisors, Zebras are the ones who roll up their sleeves and actually do the work to build better systems and do things the right way. And to me, the “right way” means being aware of the effect we have on …

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