I stand shoulder to shoulder with systems thinkers (and doers!) who believe in the power of community to create social change.

I educate, train and advise on how to build thriving equitable ecosystems that propel changemakers forward.

I tell their stories.

What is an ecosystem builder?

Individuals who help entrepreneurs in their communities thrive by actively building a culture of trust and collaboration among emerging and existing actors within their entrepreneurial community.

  • Champions, advocates and cheerleaders who want to see founders in their communities thrive
  • incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, mentors, advisors, investors, seasoned entrepreneurs, economic development officers, small business administrators, community builders, researchers, journalists, policymakers and and and...

Ecosystem builders are infrastructure builders, conveners, system architects, listeners, connectors and keystones.

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Why 'holistic' matters

As eternal optimists and servant leaders we tend to take the mantra "give before you get" to the extreme.

Which, unfortunately, puts us at a greater risk of burning out in the name of service to our communities. I help ecosystem builders create their individual approach to maximizing their impact without minimizing themselves.


Among many things I appreciate about Anika is having her bright mind in the room as a sounding board and how willing she always is to roll up her sleeves and get in the weeds right next to me. She helped me put the structure in place to focus on and efficiently work on the most important tasks that actually move my business forward. I was seriously spinning my wheels before!

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Shelly Rose
Founder, Pure Roots Nutrition

Anika's dedication and passion for nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in the Shenandoah Valley has been nothing short of inspiring.

The journey she embarked on and the milestones she achieved within the ecosystem have left an indelible mark on the community. Her efforts have not only supported dreamers and doers but have also fostered a culture of trust and collaboration.

Keisha Nicholson

Keisha Nicholson
Founder, Love Forward Foundation

Education, Insights & Storytelling

Education & Insights

I create and curate the latest research around ecosystem building for social change.

The Insights section is designed to help you build

  • the professional capabilities to effectively support (social) entrepreneurs in our communities (professional excellence), and
  • the personal skills, habits and mindsets to do excellent work without burning out (personal mastery)
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“Stories can give us a narrative to guide and instruct us. They are crucial to our knowing who we are; they provide a sense of identity.” Peter Block

In the Community section, I share the stories of 80+ seasoned impact makers to help us understand who we are and allow us to learn from each other.

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