Building ecosystems for social change

Anika Horn

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I help entrepreneurship practitioners become holistic ecosystem builders.

A rising tide lifts all boats. We can only drive meaningful, lasting change if we take a systems approach and facilitate the flow of information and resources within these systems.

At Social Venturers, you’ll find the insights, resources and a global network of peers to build your mindset and skills as an effective ecosystem builder (professional excellence) without losing sight of yourself (personal mastery).

This is a martyr-free zone. 

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My latest insights & conversations

Ecosystems for Change: Logbook #4


Welcome to my fourth logbook, an in-between season update where I share what’s going on in ecosystem building and give insights into what I’m working on.

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Summer Skill Sessions: Productivity


I don’t know about you, but the start of fall usually leaves me feeling super recharged and ready to tackle the rest of the year with a lot of enthusiasm and really, really big plans.

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Summer Skill Sessions: Storytelling


If you tell your friends or post on social media about your favorite local businesses, you are already telling their stories. I’m sharing five steps to telling meaningful stories about your ecosystem.

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Work with me

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Learn practical skills for impact practitioners in a small group setting. Sessions take 1.5 - 2.5 hours and are limited to 9 participants.

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Keystone Program

A 10-week training program for emerging and experienced ecosystem builders for social change.

What People Say About Me

Anika asks hard questions, you have to search for your answer, build a plan, put it into action and evaluate, all the while she is there to guide you. She puts emphasis on what is right for you. She believes in you, she is a champion for "the good" you are trying to achieve and she is there when you need her. 

Rupa Singh

Social entrepreneur