Building ecosystems for social change

Anika Horn

Grab my starter kit for ecosystem builders!

I help entrepreneurship practitioners become holistic ecosystem builders.

A rising tide lifts all boats. We can only drive meaningful, lasting change if we take a systems approach and facilitate the flow of information and resources within these systems.

At Social Venturers, you’ll find the insights, resources and a global network of peers to build your mindset and skills as an effective ecosystem builder (professional excellence) without losing sight of yourself (personal mastery).

This is a martyr-free zone. 

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My latest insights & conversations

S03E02 – Creativity, Reputation and Boundaries in the Social Impact Space with Isaac Jeffries


Isaac Jeffries and I chatted about setting and upholding boundaries to ensure we don’t disappoint ourselves or the people around us who matter.

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S03E01 – Burn Both Ends: The Mental, Physical, and Emotional Toll of Ecosystem Building


In season 3, I talk to practitioners who can help us build a solid foundation of physical, mental and emotional health so that we can stay in this game of ecosystem building for a long time to come!

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The future is rural

When we think of rural America, we may envision cows grazing lazily on the rolling hills of Vermont, spectacular vistas …

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Work with me

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Learn practical skills for impact practitioners in a small group setting. Sessions take 1.5 - 2.5 hours and are limited to 9 participants.

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Keystone Program

A 10-week training program for emerging and experienced ecosystem builders for social change.

What People Say About Me

Anika asks hard questions, you have to search for your answer, build a plan, put it into action and evaluate, all the while she is there to guide you. She puts emphasis on what is right for you. She believes in you, she is a champion for "the good" you are trying to achieve and she is there when you need her. 

Rupa Singh

Social entrepreneur