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Logbook November 2021

As the third year of Social Venturers comes to a close, I’ve reflected on the journey so far and what I’ve learned about generating, curating and distributing knowledge in an emerging field like entrepreneurial ecosystem building. So here’s a slightly different logbook as 2021 comes to an end: Phase I: Discovery (2019) In March 2019, […]

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logbook October 2021

October in review On October 12, 2021, I found myself in front of 20+ emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem builders who were curious to find out what this job entails and how they can make a difference in their communities. After being locked away in my home office for almost two years, the simple fact of having

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logbook September 2021

September in review I’m almost embarrassed by how excited I am about shifting to a podcast format! I know, I know. There are a bazillion podcasts out there and the topic of entrepreneurship is not that rare, either. But let me tell you, after more than 800 hours spent on interview production, writing and editing

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