So… that vacation month I was going to take did not quite work out (insert shrug emoji). August turned out to be the busiest month with client work and promoting Masters of Impact, our 3-month mastermind (did you miss it? Get on the waitlist for 2021!). 

And while I didn’t run any interviews this month, I worked on the third Foundations series on Community Leadership and let me just tell you: this one nearly made me quit! Do you know just how many people have talked and written about community and leadership? A LOT! Figuring out what materials are the cream of the crop so that you wouldn’t have to figure all this out for yourself was incredibly hard! I learned so much more about building and nurturing communities for the future than I thought I had signed up for – it took me two months to put this series together! But it’s done and I’m SO excited to share it with you:

Last week, I received this message:

I wanted to say how helpful I found your Allyship series. It really resonated with me and I keep going back to the resource list. It’s been really helpful to share with other friends and family because I don’t always feel like I can articulate things well. Thanks for all that you do.

Now, my friends, you better believe this note had me smiling from ear to ear every single day! With that being said:

  1. If you haven’t read our Allyship series yet, give it a read, download the resource list and share it far and wide!
  2. If you want to send me compliments (I’ll take neutral feedback and flowers, too!), drop into my inbox!

What’s next

Over the coming four weeks, I’ll be spending a good bit of time at the 4th annual ESHIP Summit for entrepreneurial ecosystem builders (September 15, 16 & 29). If you are reading this, chances are this event is for you! Check it out!

I am excited to launch a new virtual event series of Fireside Chats! Over the course of three months, we will get together every two weeks to discuss some of the most critical skills for effective ecosystem builders! The goal is to contribute to the growing body of knowledge around ecosystem building for social change and I would love love love if you shared your expertise in one (or several!) of these conversations with us! I hope to capture your insights, personal experiences, most burning questions and practical tools and share them with the world! 

I will be building content from each of these conversations and publish it over the course of Q4/2020 – Q2/2021! Join us and help us gather insights from the field!

How you can help

Check out our 3-part series on Community Leadership! If you like it, please share it widely so that we may get it in front of the right people! I’d love to hear what was helpful, what wasn’t etc. If you don’t like it, I want to know that too! What’s missing? What could have been better?

Who needs to know about us? Do you know any hopeless cases of changemakers with a passion for making a difference through (social) entrepreneurship? Send them our way (newsletter, social media, etc.)! The more, the merrier!

Last but not least, we would LOVE to welcome you to one of our upcoming Fireside Chats! Check the schedule and sign up to share your knowledge and experiences! Know someone who has a lot of good stories from her/his work in the field? Invite them to join us, too!