Spotlight: Kaat Peeters

Kaat spotlight

What drives you?

To strengthen the energy of changemakers. There is so much happening bottom-up. It’s a great privilege to get in touch with all those ‘innovators’ and to find ways to leverage them.

Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years?

The upcoming awareness that co-creation is key in improving society.

Currently reading

“De wereld redden” Michel Bauwens


Apart from her experience as an entrepreneur (she used to import and sale Arabic and Persian goods, and ran a bed & breakfast), Kaat has several years of experience working in the cultural sector. She set up the Forum for Amateur Arts and organized Art City Flanders.

A turning point in her career was her visit at the Delancey foundation:”I experienced first-hand how former inmates lived together and started social enterprises, anything from a moving company to a restaurant or a furniture repair service. I kept on asking them ‘WHO is organizing this?’ and they said ‘We do.’ They were self-organized. That was impressive and showed me how social enterprise as a model can empower people.”

I ask Kaat what keeps her going through the rough times, and she says:”The spirit of the team and all the little changes we create every day. Also, it’s empowering meeting all these people with a good heart who take the risk of being entrepreneur to help others.”



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