Héctor reyes Flores

Mexico City, Mexico. Community Builder. Creator and entrepreneur. Impact Investment Advocate.

A Zebra is…

… the balance between the economic power of society, equality and the planet. Being able to balance all that is what makes a Zebra a Zebra. 

A mindset to build with every stakeholder in mind. Whether it’s a company, a project or an investment, Zebras always find balance between impact and profit. Zebras will prefer balance, sustainability and long term outcomes over quick satisfaction and economic power.

A status quo that respects planetary boundaries

Wealth accumulation in a few hands and the lack of equality is something that is impregnated into most modern businesses. There’s not a “one size fits all” way of building the new economy. 

In a finite world, we cannot build infinite-scalable companies, we need to understand and respect our planetary boundaries.

Héctor’s vision for the future

Balanced entrepreneurship, companies, investors and makers who build with purpose and optionality, and by optionality I mean to have the option to choose what’s right and not what is available. For example: the best investment terms, the best team, the best country, the most aligned investor, etc.

Capital should serve humanity, not rule it

In an ideal future, hundreds of investment options and terms will be available to every business model, companies should choose the best one for them and not what’s available.

Capital will serve humanity, not rule it. 

The role of community

Community-first companies will be the future, instead of stakeholders-first (like the old capitalist way to build businesses). In my dream future, companies will be built around communities, not solutions or opportunities.

The values of the future

  • Optionality as a capital structure 
  • Wealth re-distribution 
  • Makers economy 
  • Community-first companies

Héctor’s Contribution

I use Indie (https://indie.holacebras.com/) to help small businesses and investors achieve the best investment terms by easily analyzing different investment terms. 

I use Control (https://control.holacebras.com/) to help small businesses better understand their finances and business so they can focus on what matters most: their impact. 

How Can We Support You?

I’m very new to community building, so any tips on how to start and grow a community would be super helpful. 

One Question for the Community

How can you build a healthy, trustworthy and decentralized community?


Héctor Reyes Flores

Mexico City, Mexico

Community builder. Creator and entrepreneur. Impact Investment advocate.