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EShip playbook for ecosystem builders

Ecosystem Building 101

Aug 25, 2019

Each month, three out of a thousand Americans start a new business (Kauffman Foundation 2019). For these entrepreneurs to succeed, they need varying levels of support: mentorship and advice, affordable work space, flexible financing, a favorable business environment, the list goes on… Broadly speaking, they need an ecosystem that helps them start and grow sustainable …

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What you do matters.

Jul 26, 2019

A tribute to my fellow ecosystem builders. I remember staring out the window of Lamplighter on a sunny afternoon in November of 2017. Lamplighter is a local coffee shop in Richmond, VA, that became my office away from the office when I needed to think. I was devouring my one Americano a day and Maurice Williams & …

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Virginia B Corps cheering for marathon runners in Richmond

It’s Love, Actually.

Jun 1, 2019

Ending my one-sided relationship with ecosystem building. Ecosystem building and I have been going through a rough time lately. It’s not like we’re breaking up but it’s fair to say that we need some time apart, figure out what we see and value in one another, imagine life without the other, find some assurance that …

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