Social Venturer Leon Reiner

Meet Leon Reiner, a tall, charismatic German with a passion for social innovation and community building. Leon is the co-founder and managing director at Impact Hub Berlin where he focuses on business development and partnerships. 

Success in a nutshell?

“A strong and happy team, the right projects, members at the right time and an ever growing and evolving Impact Hub Berlin.”

What challenges come with that?

  • “Juggling many different responsibilities.
  • Growing an organization under resource scarcity.
  • Keeping everyone on the same page.”

… and what does it take to be good in your role?

I always try to strike a balance between being diplomatic but at the same time remaining “visionary”. As a leader you need to be understanding yet demanding. For me personally, this role is ideal. It allowed me to turn my inner social monster into a job: I am someone who enjoys being around other people, who can absorb stress and who is able to adapt quickly to new environments. Somehow, I managed to turn those qualities into a profession!”

I turned my inner social monster into a job.

Leon clearly knows his stuff and has his head screwed on tight, no concerns there. But where does a leader like him turn for advice, personal and professional development?

“I have 100 other Impact Hubs around the world, and they have the same challenges. I used to have more time to talk to them, and I will have more time again, but the in-between (between startup and established company) is too chaotic. I always prioritize my team, sales and the organization. Sharing the role with my co-founder Nele Kaprtez has been super helpful. In terms of growth, I would love to sit down with someone who has grown three organizations across different fields and just ask her/him all of my questions. I think I would most benefit from working with a mentor who understands this business, who I get along with and who has the actual time to spare.”

I hate being a digital nomad. I’m half as productive and don’t get to be on vacation.

What does life look like outside of work?

I enjoy being in nature and moving. Having a co-CEO like Nele helps in taking some time off and recharge my batteries. I hate being a digital nomad. I’m half as productive and don’t get to be on vacation. Instead, I work while I’m here, and I fully unplug when I’m not. I love taking surf trips and on weekends you’ll find me out by the lake, snowboarding or surfing – depending on the season.