logbook June 2020

June in review

We’re halfway through a turbulent 2020 friends! Catch up on all things that happened in the month of June and see what I have lined up for you for the month of July before taking a break in August!

While COVID-19 has put severe limits on our ability to meet in person, I have been grateful for the opportunity to participate in events that I otherwise would not have been able to:

  • In mid-June I had the pleasure to moderate the book launch of Kaat Peeters’ new book Leaving a Legacy. We heard from social entrepreneurs who had worked with Kaat to design their Legacy Canvas and had colleagues from Impact House and Ashoka Belgium join the event and share their experiences with Kaat’s tools and approach to scaling social impact.   
  • I joined the Zebras Unite Berlin meet-up to hear from Naomi Ryland, co-founder of tbd* and co-author of Starting a Revolution.

The month of June was dedicated to the topic of finding your purpose. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out our three-part blog series on The Power of Purpose:

What’s Next


An event I am very excited about this month is Impact Gathering! I will be joining a panel of all female founders to chat about women in business and what makes our leadership style and business approach different! I will be drawing on data from our brand new blog series Allyship, one of my all-time favorite books The Confidence Code as well as Naomi Ryland’s book Starting a Revolution.  

If you’re keen to join us for this Australian-led event, sign up here!

New Series: Allyship

Following on the heels of The Power of Purpose, I am extremely nervous and at the same time thrilled to introduce you to our latest series on Allyship for changemakers and ecosystem builders! My plan is to introduce and discuss one topic per month that helps YOU build purpose-driven careers, organizations and ecosystems (professional excellence) without losing yourselves (personal mastery). 

The first three topics lay the foundation for what it means to become proficient in creating social and environmental impact:

Masters of Impact

What is the last time you invested in your own personal development?

What is your budget for professional growth and what is the last time you exhausted that budget?

When did you last have a meaningful conversation about your career trajectory and growth opportunities?

Our first mastermind for solopreneurs just finished up and we are gearing up for our second – and bigger – group! We have 5 spots available and I would be SO thrilled if you joined us! This mastermind is open to both solopreneurs and organizational leaders including social entrepreneurs. Learn all the details here and by all means, let me know if you have any questions!

Out of office

We are taking August off! One of our core values revolves around being highly productive to deliver the most valuable content and introduce you to some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable changemakers out there. And after six months of deeply focused work, we are taking a month off to recharge our batteries. We will be full of energy in time for our mastermind and Q4! 

How you can help

We’d love if you helped us spread the word about the upcoming Masters of Impact Mastermind! We would love to have you and work more closely with you over the course of three months! If you know someone who would benefit from this program and might be interested in learning more, please share details with her/him! 

If you are keen to learn more about how to become an ally for life, check out our Allyship series and pass it along to anyone who might benefit from it!

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