In today’s episode, I’m sharing a conversation I had with Charlton Cunningham during his recent visit to Mexico City. Charlton used to be based in Atlanta, GA, but has been living a nomad life since the pandemic began.

In our conversation, Charlton talks about how to build trust in an ecosystem. He also shares some insights into the role that Venture Capitalists can play in an ecosystem and why community can be so relevant within a VC firm, when it’s built and nurtured the right way.

Find out how Charlton builds networks in different parts of the US and beyond and how–as a traveling nomad–he manages to stay grounded. 

Charlton Cunningham is a failed architect who jumped into the startup space by creating an intentional community for aspiring entrepreneurs called, HiveATL. As a military brat growing up he learned to make friends quickly out of necessity, and grew to appreciate how it helps in his work today, developing relationships with a variety of stakeholders. He is a community builder and connector at heart, with a strong passion for serving entrepreneurs at the earliest stages and founders growing their business. Charlton’s experience includes roles across non-profit, venture capital, co-working spaces, and accelerator programs. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How the iterative process of developing physical architecture informs Charlton’s community building
  • How to build trust with organizations within your ecosystem through direct contact and volunteering resources
  • Why Venture Capitalists have to think become connectors in order to be good actors within ecosystems
  • How small rituals keep Charlton grounded as he travels

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