Today, I want you to meet Julia Firestone.

Julia is a transformational leadership and career coach who serves experienced social impact professionals to help them unleash their biggest positive impact in the world while living their most fulfilling life.

Julia has worked in corporate innovation and strategy, global NGOs, scrappy startups, and corporate social impact. Bringing all of these experiences together, Julia loves applying innovative methodologies to solve the biggest social impact challenges of our time. 

In today’s conversation, you’ll hear about Julia’s first Big Quit and how she built a network of impact professionals like no other that not only helped her land her next gig, but has become a rich community of changemakers who show up for each other.

If you think networking is so early 2000s, I bet you’ll think differently after this conversation.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Julia structures her monthly online meetups for changemakers to get beyond “what do you do” to building real relationships
  • How Julia’s experience at a small nonprofit highlights many of the systemic issues in impact and nonprofit work
  • The strategies Julia used to build a large network of impact professionals before she quit her nonprofit job
  • How Julia learned to trust her gut and listen to her body when it comes to big decisions

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