Welcome to my first interview of season 6.

I sat down with none other than Eva-Maria Verfürth, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Tea After Twelve.

While based in Frankfurt, Germany, Eva’s storytelling spans around the globe to talk about new solutions to old problems to create a better world.

As you’ll see in this conversation, Eva is driven by a deep desire to transform journalism in a way that moves beyond mere disaster reporting and emphasizes inspiration and progress, which is why I’m so excited to kick off season 6 with her.

Let’s go to Frankfurt!

Eva-Maria Verfürth is a journalist and entrepreneur with a keen interest in international perspectives and social change. Her career has been driven by the wish to transform journalism in a way that moves beyond mere disaster reporting and emphasizes inspiration and progress. In 2014, Eva and her teammate Sarah Klein founded Tea After Twelve, an international online magazine on impact innovation, technological inventions, and social change. The idea in a nutshell: reporting about what is working instead of only telling what’s going wrong. Tea after Twelve wants to connect creative minds around the world, the entrepreneurs, inventors, thinkers, and makers who have convincing ideas for social change and ecological transformation. It features projects and actions that have had an impact in their communities and have the potential to make a difference elsewhere as well.

Eva is also co-founder and managing director of Bunny Island, a German communications agency offering content production and design services, and a coach and trainer for (solutions) storytelling and communications strategy. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she worked as an editor and writer for several magazines with international audiences and in public relations for German development cooperation organizations.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why Eva and her co-founder developed Tea After Twelve to be an solutions-based antidote to negative news coverage of social and environmental impact issues
  • How Tea After Twelve translates impactful stories from around the world for a global audience
  • How Tea After Twelve has developed a global network of storytellers outside the journalistic mainstream
  • Why Eva says it’s important to acknowledge the limitations of the solution in a story

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