Hannah Gay Impact Boss

I first came across Hannah on social media. Then I checked out her website. Then I fell in love professionally. “Social Impact without the B.S.” is Hannah’s M.O. Why hadn’t I come up with that? Because I’m not Hannah and she is incredible, that’s why!

Hannah lives in Denver, Colorado, and is a teacher turned MBA turned social impact strategist. In other words, she  brings a passion to teach, business acumen and the desire to make a difference in the world. Hannah is pretty much the perfect package!

Hannah at work

Hannah started out as a teacher with Teach for America – a time she spent in a Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. Following her MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Hannah joined the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship in a strategic leadership position.

“I oversaw our program team, evaluation strategy, and earned income P&L. And the more I got into the depths of the social impact space, the more I saw some disturbing and systemic problems: a bunch of stuff was getting in the way of both impact and the revenue necessary to support it.”

Today, Hannah supports social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and corporates as a strategic consultant. But it doesn’t end there. Her dedication to making a difference in the world weaves through all parts of Hannah’s life. Through her signature program Impact Boss Lifestyle Coaching she helps individuals live more sustainable lives and is a Beautycounter consultant, bringing clean and safer beauty products into American households.

Making it on your own in the impact sector, what is that like?

“Paying the bills used to be secondary to impact to me. But you have to be comfortable and safe to be able to focus on the work and solving hard issues in the world. To me success means having the results, having the business results and the impact results together to be able to do my work well.”

You have to be comfortable financially to be able to focus on the work and solving hard issues in the world.

Being your own master, what does your day-to-day look like?

“My lifestyle changes quarterly with the seasons. My routine starts the night before. I feel well prepared for the coming day if I have a sane inbox, a clean house, and generally have things in order. In the morning, I get up and am intentional about not jumping on a device straight away. We make coffee and I water my plants. Most days I carve out time until noon to work on marketing and business development. On afternoons I focus on client work.

Outside of work, I do all things outdoors, often including our dog. I also have a knack for interior design and decoration. I enjoy putting my mental energy toward something that is completely different from what I get paid to do.”

… and because Hannah is exceptional and generous, she put together an incredible resource in which she shares every tool, and I mean e.v.e.r.y.t.o.o.l. she uses to manage her business and brand. Early Christmas! Check it out here:

Hannah Gay

Denver, Colorado, US

Solopreneur with heart and brains.
Outdoor adventurer. All the impact, none of the B.S.