Logbook August 2021

Welcome back friends!

Taking 5 weeks off this summer does indeed feel like a new season is upon us and I sure hope it brings some positive change for us all! 

Even though paid work has been the slowest it’s ever been since I set out on my own, I kept busy the first half of the year. I re-designed the website, interviewed dozens of Zebras Unite founding members, chapter leads and co-op members, I ran four masterclasses and developed a new program to train entrepreneurship practitioners on how to become holistic ecosystem builders. When July came around, I was exhausted. And I wasn’t alone. Fellow ecosystem builder Joe Marushak opened a discussion about the depleting nature of our work as community conveners that sent ripple effects through our community. I knew I needed to step away and take a break. And I did exactly that. 

To be honest, I had high hopes that five weeks at home would somehow magically fix things, allow me to find a new perspective that would show me a clear path to financial sustainability; I hoped that I would come back with answers and a renewed belief in our work (dive deeper in this month’s Insights piece Value:Redefined). I hoped to tackle the second half of the year with a new dose of ambition and enthusiasm, all the while building that successful one-person business that I’ve always dreamed of. 

It didn’t happen. I merely hit pause. And that’s something. But I’m still working to figure out what this could look like.

What’s next

I’m working with the good people at Yellow House Media to get my podcast off the ground! As every fall, there are a lot of exciting events coming up (check Impact Curator!) and I look forward to launching my pilot cohort of the Keystone Program! 

How you can help

If you’re looking to learn more about how to become an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder, check out the Keystone Program! 

If you haven’t yet, pop over to Social Venturers’ Instagram account for some handy dandy guides on effective practices for ecosystem builders and highlights from my new Insights piece Value:Redefined