Since 2019, I have interviewed more than 80 Social Venturers to talk about how they're supporting (social) entrepreneurs in their community, what challenges they encounter, and how they move forward despite the obstacles they face. These are their stories.

Deldelp Medina

Aug 30, 2021

A Zebra is … nimble. I grew up and currently live in San Francisco and I’ve seen all the changes that the city and the region have undergone as a result of the growth of Silicon Valley with a 10x-return-mindset. When you start a company that requires that type of investment, your ability to be […]

Héctor Reyes Flores

Jul 26, 2021

A Zebra is… … the balance between the economic power of society, equality and the planet. Being able to balance all that is what makes a Zebra a Zebra.  A mindset to build with every stakeholder in mind. Whether it’s a company, a project or an investment, Zebras always find balance between impact and profit. […]

Malii Watts Witten

Jul 26, 2021

A Zebra is… … a cool, real-world creature that needs protecting in the wild of our world. A people-based future  I am Bahá’i by faith. As a Bahá’i, I believe in collectivistic society. Bahá’i principles focus on community building, alleviating the extremes of wealth and poverty, and upholding the inherent equality of men and women, […]

Mike O’Donnell

Jul 26, 2021

A Zebra is… … a business that invests in itself, the community and employees!!!! About 20% of small businesses with employees in the United States will survive at least 20 years in business. These are likely Zebras. They weren’t created with a short term exit strategy in mind. They were created to make a difference […]

Kate ‘Sassy’ Sassoon

Jun 30, 2021

A Zebra is… …someone who attempts to do meaningful work to build a better world both within and against the business-as-usual economic structure. There’s the myth of the “unicorn” in the VC world – the company that can return 10x to its investors, and which is the only value proposition worth chasing. As Zebras, we […]

Jenny Atout Ahlzen

Jun 30, 2021

A Zebra is… …real! As opposed to the nearly impossible to reach concept of a unicorn, zebras actually do exist and they’re everywhere. They have different stripes but they’re never identical but, as unique as the fingerprints. We, Zebras, are herd animals. We don’t have a winner-takes-it-all mentality. On the contrary, we are a family, […]

Daisy Ford-Downes

May 25, 2021

A Zebra is … someone who does the work. Whether they’re founders or funders or advisors, Zebras are the ones who roll up their sleeves and actually do the work to build better systems and do things the right way. And to me, the “right way” means being aware of the effect we have on […]

CRUX – Lauren Ruffin

May 25, 2021

A Zebra is … someone who is constantly questioning the status quo. As Zebras, we recognize that we are operating within systems that just don’t work for us. And there comes a moment for each of us where we recognize that somebody needs to fix this and then you realize… “someone” is you! An economy […]


May 3, 2021

For 2021, I teamed up with Zebras Unite, a global movement of entrepreneurs, investors, activists and entrepreneurship supporters of all types, sizes and – you guessed it! – stripes who believe in the power of business as a force to make the world a better place. In collaboration with the Dazzle, I will take you […]