Since 2019, I have interviewed more than 80 Social Venturers to talk about how they're supporting (social) entrepreneurs in their community, what challenges they encounter, and how they move forward despite the obstacles they face. These are their stories.

Asetila Koestinger

May 3, 2021

A Zebra is … a business that doesn’t stand for only one thing anymore. And that is designed intentionally to be good and profitable, for us and for future generations. Challenging the status quo First of all, we need to start by naming the real issues. We must start talking about the climate crisis, not […]

Sheeza Shah

Apr 15, 2021

A Zebra is… a beneficial, kind and community-centric company that prioritizes societal welfare alongside profits. What’s wrong with the status quo? There are a number of things that I’ve discovered along the way and each learning has  informed much of my own journey, ultimately leading me to Zebras Unite. The main thing that has driven […]

Chris Cain

Apr 15, 2021

I originally met Chris Cain through our work at Startup Champions Network. At the time, Chris ran the Staunton Creative Community Fund before switching over to take the charge at the newly created Staunton Innovation Hub in Virginia. In May 2019, Chris took the role of Chief Experience Officer at Alternatives Federal Credit Union in […]

Charlton Cunningham

Apr 1, 2021

Charlton Cunningham serves as the Head of Programs at HBCUvc, an organization dedicated to bringing more diversity into the venture capital industry. He formerly was Executive Director of Startup Atlanta, a City of Atlanta-funded non-profit focused on economic and community development. Prior to Startup Atlanta, Charlton held roles in brand strategy and member experience design […]

Rachel Gerrol

Mar 31, 2021

Rachel Gerrol is a “Catalyst at Large”, working at the intersection of philanthropy, social innovation & community building. She is Co-Founder & CEO of NEXUS, the leading international network of next gen philanthropists & impact investors, with 6000+ members from 70+ countries representing families with a combined net worth of $650 billion. Her work stems […]

Titania Veda

Mar 19, 2021

“One of my favorite client projects was a year-long contract with the city of Austin, Texas. Bloomberg philanthropies funded us to design a project that would create better services for people experiencing homelessness. As service and content designer for this project, one of my directives was to actually create the lived experience of a year-long […]

Servane Mouazan

Mar 7, 2021

“Orixas are the spirits that you are born with. During my time in Brazil as a capoeira player, the mother of one of my friends there explained to me that your orixa is the spirit you’re born with and that protects you. My spirit, she explained, was Yemanjá Oguntê, a feminine patron spirit,  protector of […]

Jackson Ward Collective

Feb 19, 2021

In December 2020, I sat down with Melody Short, Kelli Lemon and Rasheeda Creighton, the three co-founders of the Jackson Ward Collective.  Kelli Lemon is best described as Richmond’s Varsity Cheerleader. Kelli is the owner of Urban Hang Suite and host of Coffee with Strangers, a weekly conversation with locals about what makes Richmond Richmond.  […]

Carlie Dole

Feb 19, 2021

“What I found really difficult about a traditional mother’s group was that it was this hardcore focus on baby development. It became a bit of a competition, we forgot ourselves and focused solely on our babies. I knew there had to be another way! I wondered whether we could get together and connect on a […]