In today’s episode, we’re headed to Quito, Ecuador, to sit down with Michelle Arévalo-Carpenter.

When season 1 took shape I knew I had to have Michelle on the show so it’s only suitable that she is closing out the conversation series of this pilot season!

Michelle talks about how she left her career and professional identity as a human rights lawyer in Geneva, Switzerland, to return to Latin America. About 8 years ago, Michelle set out to fight loneliness for changemakers in Ecuador and ended up building Ecuador’s first coworking space for Impact entrepreneurs with her co-founder Daniela Peralvo. Since then, Impaqto has become Ecuador’s first B Corp, expanded to five locations, and has grown into much more than a coworking space. 

Today, Impaqto works regionally in 17 countries through their consulting services; Michelle and her team also provide entrepreneurial education and are building their first impact investing fund. 

I’m so excited for you all to meet Michelle and learn about her holistic approach to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why being an introvert is an asset to Michelle as an ecosystem builder
  • How the loneliness among changemakers led Michelle to a systems approach and the creation of Impaqto
  • How the business has evolved from a co-working space into a full-fledged support system for impact-entrepreneurs in Ecuador
  • Why ecosystem builders need multilingual resources
  • How becoming a parent has taught Michelle to say no as a founder

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