If there is one takeaway running through each episode of season one it’s this: Ecosystem building is a mindset.

Almost all of the six ecosystem builders I spoke with this season professed to be introverts or having been shy as children, yet they are out there every day building relationships and communities.

But, as Charlton Cunningham noted in Episode 3, the introvert-extrovert continuum is really about where you get your energy and how you recharge, and many ecosystem builders I know are excellent at building and nurturing genuine, meaningful relationships, regardless of whether they get energy from working a room full of people or prefer to converse one on one.

All six interviews showcased what it means to put the needs of entrepreneurs at the forefront of their work and what we’re up against when building for the greater good.

But there were three main themes that really stood out to me and today, I’m revisiting my conversations from season one to illustrate those essential points.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why customer discovery is as essential for ecosystem builders as it is for business owners
  • How an abundance mindset opens the door to building with and not for your community but has its drawbacks and heartbreaks
  • Why building trust in your community is the best place to start
  • How to define entrepreneurial ecosystems

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