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Today’s conversation takes place in a small town north of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. 

I sat down with Lana Jelenjev, community alchemist, hospice worker for dying systems and midwife for new emerging systems. Lana introduces the two-loop model that explains her work and shares how she sets and upholds boundaries when helping others cross over from old to new. 

Lana is an avid fire starter, systems thinker and lifelong learner. She is an advocate of “self-full centric living” – a set of practices that you can use to help you live a legacy of connection, presence and fullness.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why systems stay stagnant and mechanistic 
  • How the two loops model illustrates compassionate, sustainable systems change
  • How to help people move from old to new systems
  • How Lana’s practice of checking in with herself helps her set and maintain boundaries

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