If you listened to the first two seasons of this show, you may have noticed that I ask each guest how they’re handling the demands of the work as systemic thinkers and doers.

Having worked in this space for years, I know that many of us idealists and hopeless optimists come dangerously close to burning the candle on both ends on a regular basis. 

And this is why we need to talk about burnout friends.

We cannot afford for any of us to break down, to quit. Who is going to change the world if all the changemakers are depleted and exhausted?

And what’s more, we’re not interchangeable. One ecosystem builder or social impact enthusiast lost is a huge cost. I firmly believe that we all have a unique gift that we bring into this world and when we lose someone to burnout, that gift will forever be lost to our community.

In season 3, I talk to practitioners who can help us build a solid foundation of physical, mental and emotional health so that we can stay in this game of ecosystem building for a long time to come!

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  • How I grappled with exhaustion and burning the candle at both ends
  • Why just working harder isn’t the answer
  • The systemic issues that leave so many ecosystem builders feeling spent and exhausted

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