I set out on this season assuming that we all want to lead happier and healthier lives in which we don’t fall victim to burnout, stress and overwhelm.

And this, by the way, does not just concern ecosystem builders and do-gooders.

Most of us look for purpose in our lives, for work that fulfills us, for time and resources to spend on things we enjoy. Don’t we all dream of having meaningful, trusting relationships with our friends and families?

Am I the only one who fantasizes about an ideal version of myself as a healthy, strong, resilient, equanimous and happy person?

Some days, I still fantasize about the Anika who has her manageable workload under control, who breezes through her to-do list, resolves conflict and wakes up bursting with energy each day ready to make a difference in her community.

And then I remember that she is a product of my imagination.

This season confirmed that there is no magic formula, no secret ingredient. It all comes down to priorities, to looking at the big picture and deciding what kind of life we want to live, and making changes to our lifestyle accordingly. 

None of my guests revealed a secret that will magically prevent us from burnout. But each of them brought several pieces of advice that work for THEM and that hopefully can work for us, too.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why we have to learn to listen to our bodies and run slower
  • How holding on to your boundaries and your ethics can help prevent you from burning the candle at both ends 
  • Why we need to learn how to press pause on the to-do list
  • The benefits of reaching out for help when we’re stuck
  • Why entrepreneurship is always personal

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