In today’s episode, you’ll meet Shelly Rose, a natural foods chef and one of my favorite people on this Earth!

In my humble opinion, Shelly is a gift to humanity because she is deeply invested in helping others–irrespective of age, background and current lifestyle–lead a healthy life.

In this conversation, we talk about sleep, nutrition, staying hydrated, taking good care of your nervous system – which I think we could all use some advice on. Shelly also shares how she is moving your body regularly, what she does to prepare her body for aging, and how we can integrate healthier habits into our day-to-day life. 

But rest assured, we don’t talk about raw kale or celery juice – Shelly enjoys pastries and the occasional treat like we all do. She is human after all! 

Shelly Rose founded Pure Roots Nutrition in 2011, a company dedicated to helping people implement a more joyful and peace-filled life through real food, movement, stress relief, meaningful connection, purpose, time spent in nature, and a good night’s sleep.

She has worked in medical practices alongside Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) specializing in food sensitivities, chronic conditions, and incorporating meal plans, culinary skills, and lifestyle changes into patient care plans. While working independently as an educator and consultant today, Shelly still actively partners in client/patient care with like-minded integrative, functional and naturopathic medicine healthcare providers.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Shelly learned to connect how her body felt with what she was eating
  • Why sleep is the foundation for a healthier lifestyle
  • How to recognize when your nervous system is dysregulated
  • How to evaluate and set priorities when it comes to making sustainable changes for your health

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