In today’s episode, you’ll meet my friend David Hirsch.

David is one of those rare people who–within two minutes of talking to you–makes you feel completely seen, heard, understood, and valued. I hope you get some of that in this conversation. 

From his office in Chattanooga, TN, he shares with us his experience with burnout as a community builder. David talks about not only the mental and emotional toll, but the physical manifestations of his work-related post-traumatic stress disorder. Grounded in his experience as a youth worker, David has developed a unique approach to taking care of himself and others by deeply engaging our own support networks as an active selfcare practice. 

A full stack community builder who can’t help but see the best in people, David Hirsch has sought to improve the lives of others by creating sustainability in their lives. This work spans personal, professional, spiritual, and familial considerations. Drawing from a varied background, and many wise friends/mentors/books, he is occasionally able to bring the right resource to the right person at the right time for the right reason… when he is paying attention, listens, and is not being a narcissist.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How ecosystem builders unconsciously push each other toward burnout
  • Why ecosystem builders and the people in their lives need community support, not self care
  • How asking for help builds stronger communities
  • Why ecosystem builders need to work toward transfers of trust in their projects

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