Today’s conversation takes place in Dayton, Ohio, where I caught up with Candace Dalmagne-Rouge, social entrepreneur, Zebra and mother of twin girls.

I wanted you all to meet Candace because she has lived the startup life of acceleration, ecosystem building, and Silicon Valley and has come out the other end intact to start a business that is deeply aligned with her personal experience and purpose.

I so enjoyed talking to her about spirituality, trusting your intuition and acknowledging the important transitions in life. 

Candace Dalmagne-Rouge is the Founder of Ceremony – helping people honor, heal and celebrate life. Through DIY ceremony kits, events and eventually retreats, her intention is to cultivate sacred, inspired space and bring people into power, presence and reverence for life.

With nearly a decade of experience supporting entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startup ecosystems both locally and internationally, Candace combines her knowledge in entrepreneurship with her passion for holistic wellbeing in this latest venture. 

Content note: This episode discusses miscarriage and child loss.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Candace realized she needed a change from the hustle of working for Silicon Valley
  • The practices that Candace uses to keep herself balanced and grounded 
  • How creating space for ceremony has played an important role in Candace’s life and why she wants to bring that to others
  • Why Candace says it’s critical to develop a relationship with your intuition for when things get tough

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