Today, I want you to meet Alex Boross-Harmer.

Alex used to be my Crossfit Coach and has since taken a completely new, holistic and empathetic approach to helping others move their body. Think sweating and panting, but fun.

From the 15th floor of their condo in Toronto, Canada, Alex talks about their transition from Barbie to Ken with an ink sleeve, making the fitness industry more human and honoring their own needs.

Alex Boross-Harmer is an activist, coach, teacher, social-worker-in-training, and communication-obsessed human. Equal parts rebel, academic, and want-to-be Ted Lasso, Alex uses mental-health-focused fitness as a vehicle to heal our collective oppression in a capitalist, patriarchal society. Alex’s mission is to create spaces for others who, like them, felt like they “never quite fit in” in the world around them and want to feel not only safe but powerful expressing their full, unapologetically unique selves.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How pivoting to online classes as the pandemic started gave Alex the freedom to re-envision how they approach fitness
  • How to find movement that brings you joy
  • Why fitness professionals need to approach their clients as whole humans who don’t have to leave their feelings at the door
  • How Alex prioritizes self care and rest, while working to let go of the shame or productivity culture

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