My first guest this season is Fay Horwitt who joined me from the Forward Cities headquarters in Durham, NC.

Since 2014, Forward Cities has worked in more than 50 communities around the US and has a deep organizational well of knowledge that they share generously.

I invited Fay on the show to share some of her hardest-won lessons when it comes to managing conflict in ecosystems and to tell us more about how she builds trust every time Forward Cities shows up in a new community.

Fay Horwitt serves as the President & CEO of Forward Cities, where she oversees organizational and programmatic strategy and design. She specializes in the development of equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems as a catalyst for systems change. Fay is a sought after presenter, trainer, and thought leader on the topic of ecosystem building and inclusive entrepreneurship.

Her current thought leadership efforts prioritizes the reimagining of Black Wall Street in a post-pandemic economy. Fay has a passion for entrepreneurial program development and adult education and curriculum design. She has a passion to empower and uplift innovators from all walks of life and believes that entrepreneurial mindsets have the power to transform our society for good.

Let’s go on a tour of the U.S. through the lens of Forward Cities!

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How fear – of not getting funding, recognition, being heard – can drive conflicts in ecosystems
  • How addressing fears with honest communication bursts the conflict bubble
  • Why emails are the worst way to communicate about a conflict, and what to do instead
  • How bringing in a third party facilitator can actually help build trust and social capital between local organizations
  • Why stakeholders need to acknowledge and address the power dynamics at play as soon as possible

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