Today’s conversation did not take me far from home because my guest, Jess Edwards, is in the midst of wrapping up a project in Danville, VA.

Jess is a project-based ecosystem builder who has done this work in her hometown of Buffalo, NY, in Dubai as well as in Alaska and – most recently – in the South of Virginia.

Jess spilled the beans on how she builds and leverages her social capital when she parachutes into a community and explains why ecosystem projects are very much like going on a roadtrip to Florida.

Jess Edwards is a systems leader that can quickly identify talent and resources from various industries and mobilize them. She has an exceptional ability to maintain a bigger picture mission while developing a comprehensive implementation plan. Jess has a vast ability to help people, organizations and communities reach their greatest potential.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why some measure of conflict is inherent in the work of ecosystem building
  • How Jess defines social capital and why it’s not just about how big your network is
  • The three groups ecosystem builders need to have positive social capital with
  • The number one conflict Jess sees across ecosystems, and three key ways to manage it
  • How ecosystem builders can use their social capital to navigate interpersonal conflicts among stakeholders
  • Three ways that proving your credibility in a new environment builds trust

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