For today’s episode, we’re headed to Anchorage, Alaska to sit down with Margo Fliss.

Margo is a lifelong and proud Alaskan; when she’s not building the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the state of Alaska, you can find her fishing salmon in the Kenai river during the summer and raising her newborn daughter.

In this conversation, Margo talks about an ecosystem convening that went terribly sideways and talks about how she moved through this experience with a lot of grace and professionalism if you ask me. But I’ll let you judge for yourself. 

Tallyho to Anchorage, Alaska!

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How a lack of consensus among stakeholders derailed an event Margo facilitated
  • What Margo would do differently to establish common ground, communication, and expectations prior to getting everyone in the room
  • How to approach “soreheads” who have lost hope in the project
  • How showing up with support – even when the project isn’t yours – builds trust and rapport in the community
  • Why building trust and social capital is like putting money in a piggy bank

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