If you listened to the very first episode of this show, the name Todd Nuckols and part of the following story might sound familiar.

When I first moved to the US eight years ago, Todd was one of the very first people I met. We met up at a coworking space called 804 RVA and I asked him how to get involved in Richmond’s entrepreneurship scene. Without hesitation, he pulled out his metaphorical Rolodex and generously opened up his network. To top it all off, he invited me to attend a conference in New York City with him that got me in the same room for two days with some of the world’s most renowned startup accelerators.

Todd’s rich social capital and the generosity with which he meets people are only two of the reasons I knew I couldn’t produce this season without him on the show. Todd, like me, is not keen on confrontation and conflict, yet he has managed it masterfully as a keystone in RVA’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A career technologist and committed dad, Todd Nuckols is passionate about advancing access to capital to fuel founders and community growth. Driven by faith and seeking to be part of the conversation wherever he finds himself, he wants to be known for leaving an impact on those around him for the better!

Let’s talk to Todd and find out how he invests in the lives of founders.

Disclaimer: We had audio issues with this episode but trust me that the content is worth suffering through some of the distortions.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How clarity and simplicity of mission turned one of Lighthouse’s initial opponents into a supporter
  • Why Todd says it’s so important to focus on common ground when there’s conflict
  • How to compromise while maintaining the integrity of your mission and purpose
  • How Todd says establishing a framework where everyone gets a win builds trust
  • Why owning your failures is also key to earning trust

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