For today’s episode, we make our way to Indianapolis, Indiana, to talk to Julie Heath, Vice President of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

Julie was the first employee at a startup, then executive director at Indiana’s first collaborative workspace, the Speak Easy, and now serves as a statewide ecosystem builder under the Secretary of Commerce of Indiana.

Julie shares how she and her team spread the ecosystem gospel among economic developers and gives us a new way to think about social capital that the Indianapolis ecosystem has embraced: Know How via Know Who.

Let’s go to Indianapolis.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why Julie says “know-how via know-who” is the secret sauce of building healthy ecosystems
  • How a personal conflict with her husband challenged Julie’s vision
  • The challenges of scale in distributing game-changing smaller sums to founders
  • How distilling problem sets helps resolve conflict
  • How Julie has leveraged old trust networks to build new trust in her various roles

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