For our last interview of the season, we’re headed to Portland, Oregon, to chat with Rick Turoczy.

As Silicon Florist and co-founder and general manager of the Portland Incubator Experiment, or PIE, Rick has been supporting founders in the Portland startup community for fifteen years. 

We talked about how you might plan for succession as a keystone in your community, how you transfer social capital, and how you might leverage your social capital to put the next generation of ecosystem builders in place.

Even though he will never say so himself, Rick is an institution in the Portland startup community and I couldn’t think of a better guest to close out this season.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why Rick believes in being place-motivated and focusing on a community
  • The unique challenges of building community in a city with a small-town feel
  • Why ecosystem builders need to be wary of nostalgia for what used to work
  • Why ecosystem builders need to think more like entrepreneurs when it comes to scarcity and abundance
  • Why Rick says the first step to building trust is showing up

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